A Happier Healthier You

“Fill half your plate (or more) with fruits and vegetables.”

That’s one of six health tips for you to enjoy better health and with better health, a better mindset and a happier you.

Referring to a World Health Organization (WHO) recommendation, a recent blog post said that individuals should get 5-9 400-gram servings of fruits or vegetables every day, so it’s important to include those in your meal planning.

“One way to ensure you’re hitting that target,” it continued, “is to dedicate space for them (fruits and vegetables) at each meal. Aim to have half your plate filled with fruits or vegetables, while the rest can accommodate lean proteins and whole grains.”

The other health tips were:

  1. Plan meals for a week;  that is making time in your week’s schedule to shop, prep ingredients so healthy meals could be easily made.
  2. Eat in season;  that is choosing fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season instead of processed produce.
  3. Choose Fresh Fruits & Vegetables In Season

  4. Say no to empty-calorie snacks;  recommended as part of the planning process to have fruits and vegetables readily available for snacks.
  5. Choose water;  this tip suggested choosing water instead of sodas, coffee or teas.
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  7. Add a daily supplement;  recommendations were made for adults and children.
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